Wi-Fi Calling FAQs | What is WiFi Calling? How to use it?

Wi-Fi calling is a very new feature on smartphones. It allows users to call any mobile number over WiFi and mobile data. WiFi calling uses the Internet connection for calling. This feature will not cost any additional charges call anyone.

Voice quality is very clear in WiFi calling as compared to normal calling because it uses the internet connection for making calls.

Wi-Fi calling Faqs

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What is WiFi calling?

WiFi calling is a newly launched smartphone feature that allows users to make a phone call over Wi-Fi networks. In this feature, anyone can make a call without paying any additional charges.

When a WiFi network is not available users can use their mobile data to make a call. But this feature is only available on new 4G and 5G smartphones.

You can read this article to check whether your smartphone is eligible for WiFi calling on this post I have shared a list of the smartphone by the brand names that support WiFi calling.

This feature is also available in India but only a few telecoms companies offering wifi calling.

Who can use WiFI calling?

Anyone who has a latest version of 4G or 5G smartphones can use WiFi calling. This feature is not available on the old version of a smartphone. Therefore if you are using an old smartphone this the right time to upgrade.

Anyone can use this feature anywhere. Users can use their broadband wifi network to call any phone number.

Call receiver can receive their call without having any smartphone. A receiver can use their normal phone to receive the call because the calling procedure system is the same as a normal calling.

Why are WiFi phone calls are better?

WiFi phone calls are better because can talk with any with HD (High Definition) voice quality.

You can make calls anywhere even if your smartphone does not have any network signals. I actually liked this feature for this reason.

Now you will no need to recharge for calling. You can use your mobile data for calling. Therefore calling charges will be reduced. Even you can enjoy unlimited calling for free.

How to use WiFi calling?

You can easily use WiFi calling on your Android and iPhone smartphone. You can follow the below steps to enable WiFi calling on your phone.

Step 1: Contact your Telecom provider

At first, you need to contact your telecom provider to know whether they support WiFi calling or not. Currently, not all telecom companies offer WiFi calling to their customer. If your SIM card company does not support WiFi calling you can approach them or you can port your number to an alternative company.

You can contact your telecom company by visiting their official website or you can call customer care.

Step 2: Open your smartphone

Open your smartphone and go to Settings and then click on Dual SIMs and Mobile network. Then choose your SIM card that supports WiFi calling.

Then click on the Wi-Fi Calling option then enable it.

Note: If you cannot see the Wi-Fi calling option then it means your smartphone company does not support Wi-Fi calling.

What can I do now?

Upgrade your smartphone with the latest update. If you still cannot see the Wi-Fi calling option on your phone then you can contact your mobile company to add this option to your phone.

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