WhatsApp 5 Upcoming Features in 2020

WhatsApp owned by Facebook is the most popular messaging application across the world. WhatsApp 5 upcoming features that will soon be available for all users. Whatsapp’s latest beta update reveals these features.

WhatsApp has added many features since it is purchased by Facebook. In 2020 WhatsApp will add more important features like Secret chat, Self Destructive Message, Chat backup and many more.

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1. Dark Mode

Whatsapp dark mode

Dark Mode has become the new default UI option for operating systems and apps. Almost all Facebook-owned apps like Instagram, Messenger have a dark mode. The feature turns the app interface in a dark color. Apart from the dark theme being easy on eyes, another benefit of this feature is that it saves the battery.

Many people like me who prefer dark mode will be happy with this dark mode feature. You can easily enable dark mode feature by going to your WhatsApp app settings and then Themes.

2. Secret Chat

WhatsApp 5 upcoming features

The privacy-focused feature can be a great addition to WhatsApp. It works similarly to Telegram, which offers end-to-end encryption. If the user takes a screenshot of a chat in a secret chat mode, both the parties are notified about the same. So the chatting will be more private and trusted.

This new security feature will be very useful for all WhatsApp users. So many people take a screenshot without the permission of the opposite party. This feature will prevent them from taking a screenshot.

3. Group Members

WhatsApp 5 upcoming features

The current version of WhatsApp allows its users to add up to 256 members in a group. In the upcoming version, WhatsApp aims to increase the capacity to support up to 5000 members. The upcoming update will get an expanded number of users. This is good news for the existing group and upcoming WhatsApp group community.

WhatsApp group is a very useful feature. Many education institutions, colleges are using this feature to communicate with their students. So increasing the number of members will be very useful for WhatsApp users.

4. Self Destructive Messages

Self destructive message

This feature allows users to set a timer on the messages. Once the message is deleted, it will leave no trace of its existence. The self-destruct feature is for users that wish to share instant messages that get deleted within the selected time frame.

Disappearing messages could be useful to anyone who needs to send a sensitive piece of information that they don’t want to be permanently available. We’ve previously seen the feature used by the messaging app Telegram, which lets you send self-destructing messages using the app’s Secret Chats feature. Gmail also added a similar feature in its redesign last year. THE FEATURE CURRENTLY HAS A BASIC SET OF OPTIONS

Currently, WhatsApp’s implementation of the feature looks a lot more basic, although WABetaInfo notes that it’s currently early in development and is likely to be subject to change. In its current form, WhatsApp lets you set messages to delete after either 5 seconds or an hour (there’s no in-between), and the feature also only appears to be available in group chats, where you have to commit to having every message sent in the chat deleted after a set period of time.

5. Chat Backup

whatsapp chat backup

WhatsApp uses Google Drive and iCloud for storing chat backups. If a user switches from an Android to the iOS device, there is no way to retrieve the backup. WhatsApp is introducing its own chat backup storage option to help users easily migrate between two OS platforms.

WhatsApp launches its own backup storage system cost low data pack. So it is a very good update from WhatsApp and it will save our data and money.


So guys, these are the awsome upcoming updates will available very soon. If you want to get more update from us please let us know via comment!

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