How to use Internet Banned by Government

Nowadays Governments are baning internet connection in many areas to prevent the spread of bad news and violation. As a result, many peoples are getting in trouble because they are dependent on Internat like Bloggers, YouTubers, and Other Creators.

In today’s life, the Internet is very important for everyone. Now almost every job is done through the internet. So the internet has become essential for everyone.

So friends, in this article we will give you some tips that can help you to get an Internet connection in banned areas.

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Use Internet Banned by Government

You can use the Internet in banned areas by trying these following these steps. There are a few ways you can use to get an internet connection in restricted areas.

Step 1: Know why you want Internet Connection?

In the first step, you need to answer yourself to the question “Why you want Internet Connection?”

Remember only professionals or who are dependent on the internet for their work can use the internet in restricted areas.

Therefore if you want to use the internet just for fun maybe you will not get permission to use the internet in blocked areas.

Hense if are a professional like Blogger, YouTuber, Media Reporter or like that then you can get a permission to use the internet.

Step 2: Get Permission from Higher Authority

In this step, you have to approach higher authority for permission to use the internet in banned areas.

Remember, It is illegal to use the internet in blocked areas without the permission of the Government. So at first, you need to get approval from a higher authority.

Higher authority means you can approach your local municipality officer or BDO and if you do not get approval then you can approach the local court and the high court.

You will definitely get approval if you really need the internet for your work. Anyhow if you not the approval then you can change your city.

How to get access to Internet in Blocked Areas?

After getting permission from the higher authority. Now the question comes “How to access the internet?”

Here’s how you can get access the internet with these following ways.

1. Satellite Connection

A satellite connection such as Iridium or VSAT could work. You can use the internet from anywhere by using satellite connection. This is a good option for professionals to access the internet in restricted areas.

Professional media reporters use a satellite connection to access the internet in blocked areas. Hence, You can also use this method to access internet.

use internet banned by government using satellite connection

But a satellite connection cost more money than the broadband connection and network speed is also slower than the broadband network. Therefore you have not any problem with this you can go for a satellite connection.

You can get a satellite connection by contacting your local internet provider. They can help you to get a satellite connection.

2. Switch to Alternative ISP

If you find any ISP that are providing internet connection in restrickted areas. You can contact them for a broadband connection.

Switch to another ISP (Internet Service Provider) is maybe the better option because it is not as expensive as the satellite connection.

There are few ISPs that provide Internet connection in banned areas. They can give you access to the internet with the exchange money.

Actually the government orders the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to block or ban the internet but some ISPs still active the internet service privately.

If you can find these ISPs simply contact them they will provide you the internet access.


So these are the way you can use to get access to the internet connection in blocked areas. But at first, you need to get permission from a higher authority otherwise you can get involved in the cybercrime. Be aware!

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