How To Make Money From Blogging in 2020

Blogging is a very popular way to earn money online. You can earn thousands of dollars from blogging very easily. But you should have good writing knowledge to start a blog. Many peoples are making money from blogging.

Blogging is a very good practice especially for students who want to develop their writing skills. Remember blogging is not just a way of earning money it is also a profession.

Make money from Blogging:

To make money from Blogging you have to follow the below steps:

Earn money from Blogging

Step 1: Choose a unique domain

Choosing a unique domain is very important to make your blog unique and professional. Always try not to copy anyone else’s name or idea when buying a domain name.

Focus on your blog niche and keyword when buying a domain name. It will help you to rank easily.


Only purchase a top-level domain (TLD) like Com, Org, Net, etc. But in my opinion, you should use either .com or .org for your website.

Make your domain name under 15 letters like (9 letters) it helps the reader to remember your website name.

Purchase your domain name from a trusted registrar or agents like Godaddy, NameCheap, GoogleDomains, etc.

Step 2: Choose a Good Web Hosting

Choosing a good web hosting is also very important because your website will be run on your host. Purchase a high-speed web hosting plan with Cpanel control.

Cloud web hosting

If you don’t have money to spend you can use Google’s Blogger platform which is completely free of cost.

Remember do not use free web hosting services because you will not get full control on your website and their server’s speed is horrible.

But if you are a beginner and want to learn how to run a website then you can try a free web hosting provider after that you should purchase a web hosting.

Step 3: Design your Website

Responsive design is a modern technique used by most of the websites including as well. Responsive design is essential to make a mobile-friendly website like our website.

Web design templete

You can do it by using a good template in WordPress or Blogger or your own website. There are lots of templates available on the internet some of them are free and some are paid.

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Step 4: Write Unique Articles

Unique post or content is essential to get success in the blogging field because it makes your website authoritative and professional.

So do not copy content from any other websites because it will reduce your site ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

WordPress new post

if you use copied content on your website from other sources, then your site will not get approved by Google Adsense. So be careful and always try to make unique and real content. Your site will definitely get high traffic from Google.

Step 5: Add your Website on Search engines

Publish your website in Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. It helps to get more traffic on the website. Add your site to Google search by using the Search Console and also add your site to Yahoo and Bing by using Webmaster tools.

search engine optimisation

To add your site to all search engines you can use or

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Earn Money using Google Adsense

Most of the blogging sites are using Google Adsense to make money. After completing the full set up of your website you can apply for Google Adsense.

Earn money from Adsense

Before applying for Google Adsense make sure your website has at least 10 posts. Each of the posts should have at least 600 words. Make sure all the posts are unique and your own content.

Also, your website should have pages like Contact, About, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions (if any). After applying for Adsense do not change your website content or design otherwise your website will not get approved.

Earn Money using Media.Net

Earn Money by using Media.Net

Media.Net is also is an ad network like Google Adsense. You can use it if your Adsense application does not get approved.

Also, you can use Adsense and Media.Net together and your earning will be double.

Earn Money using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way to earn money from Blogging. Affiliate Marketing is a program offered by eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. and some web hosting provider also offers an Affiliate program.

Digital marketing


These are the basic steps you can follow to earn money from Blogging.

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