How to Get Daily 10000 Visitors on New Website

Get Daily 10000 Visitors on New Website Beginners Guide. Increase your Alexa rank very easily. Probably a new Website will not get any visitors until it gets high authority.

But Don’t worry, in this article I will give you some simple and awesome tips that will help you to boost your traffic on new website.

Follow the below tips regularly. This will help you to get thousands of unique visitors on your new website.

1. Publish Your own Content

own content

Do not copy and paste any content that is already on the internet because if you copy and paste any other’s content that is already on the internet then Google and any other search engine will not rank your website on the top results.

So be careful before publishing any content that may contain copyright content.

I know most people are doing copy-paste on their website but my friend if you want to run your website in the long term then do not copy any other content otherwise your website will get a DMCA copyright strike.

There are many tools available on the internet to check the copyright Plagiarism some of them are:

2. Add site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Add your website to Google search console it will help you to get your site on Google search. When you add your website to Google search console then Google’s spiders or bots will crawl your website and thereby index your site in Google database.

If your website is not showing on Google search after added to Search console then you can try, “Inspect any URL function” then your website will show up on Google search results.

3. Keyword research

keyword research

Nowadays working with a focus keyword is important to get traffic on your website. So if you want to boost your website you have to research low competition keywords with high search volume.

There are many free and paid tools available on the internet that will help you to do that.

I recommend you to use free tools only. Some FREE keyword research tools are given below:

Google Keyword Planner




4. Link Building


Link building is important not only for a new website but also for an old website. There are some popular websites available on the internet you can use them for link building such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Medium and many more. So now the question comes How to do it…??

How to build an external link?

After publishing your content on your website just copy a summary (NOT THE FULL CONTENT) of the content and paste it to those popular websites and attach the link of your website at the end of the summary.

How to build an internal link?

In your post or content page attach related pages that visitors may interested to read. It will also help you with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) factors.

5. YouTube

YouTube logo

YouTube is a great platform to boost your website traffic very quickly because YouTube is the second top search engine after Google.

All you need to do open a YouTube channel with your website name and make videos related to your content and share the link in the description of your video.

You can also earn money from YouTube by linking your Adsense account.

6. Question Hub (beta)

Question Hub by Google

Question Hub is a program by Google where you can get Topic for a new article. Question Hub is great for bloggers because Google will give a topic that peoples are searching on your niche.

Actually Google will give you questions that are searched by peoples so you can write a fresh article on that question or topic after that you can share your website article link with Google.

Question Hub helps you to get daily unique visitors on your website.


These are some basic tips that will help you to get thousands of visitors on your website. If want to learn more tips please comment.

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